• HUIBO International Lighting was established since 1991. Factory locates in Dagang Town

    HUIBO International Lighting was established since 1991. Factory locates in Dagang Town, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. As a leading manufacturer in lighting field, we have a capable team of advanced research and development specialists, who continuously

    45 2021-04-27
  • 2020 HK International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition)

     We attend HK International Lighting Fair every year. This year affected by the outbreak,exhibition is changed to livestream. Please stay tuned!   

    45 2020-11-03
  • China LED enterprise wisdom to win the next three major strategies

    "Optimistic about the market potential of LED filament lamp." Some time ago, Linsen Limited by Share Ltd executive general manager Lin Jiliang a speech aroused widespread concern, we thought: Linsen and Taiwan crystal electric filament lamp R & D cooperation rumors seems to be settled. 

    17 2016-08-31
  • LED layout of plant lighting is then the next three years will be the golden period

    environment and sustainable development are introduced, closed soilless culture caused by cumulative autotoxin and TiO2, the photocatalytic degradation of root exudates of soilless culture in nutrient solution and rice husk degradation products. UV, sunlight facilities with only 3% covering

    24 2016-08-31